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By now I'm sure you all already know that I really love my Essie nail polishes, but one stands out amongst all the others for me…it's the one I reach for the most, and that is Lilacism.

I'm obsessed with this purply, pastel hue for many reasons but mainly I just love how feminine it looks without being too in your face. I also find that lighter shades like this tend to elongate your hands whereas bolder colours can tend to make them look a bit stumpy. Lilacism is an easy one to apply which can sometimes be hard to find in pastels, but I've never had an issue with this one. For an extra polished look, top off with Essie's Good to Go top coat.

It may be Winter, but I just can't give up my pastel polishes! If you want to see some of my other favourites, check out my Winter Pastel post. There's just something about them guys.

What is your current favourite shade to wear during these Winter months?

xx -b.

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With Christmas just around the corner I really wanted to share some love and introduce you to a few of my favourite companies, and so today I am talking all about Thrive Lifestyle!

I've known Jess (the cute blonde above) since high school and in all of the years I've known her she has been a huge inspiration in my daily life. She's just one of those people that after talking to makes you feel instantly inspired...and boy we could chat for hours! Over the years I have helped her sell her silk screen tees at the local farmers market, music festivals, and craft shows...heck I even modeled for her a couple of times! So, as you can imagine, after all those years of watching her grow in her craft, I was over the moon when she opened up her very own shop nearly three years ago with co-owner Zoe (another amazing local talent).

So what makes this company a favourite?

Aside from beautifully curated pieces and impeccable design and care, it all comes down to the values for me...

"At Thrive we want to contribute to our community positively. By becoming more conscious of your purchases, you can expand your opportunities to ensure that your clothing choices are aligned with your deepest values and are supporting a healthy, just, and humane world.
It’s no secret that sweatshop labor is behind much of the clothing industries today. When you buy local, eco-friendly, and Sweatshop Free items, you’re supporting a system that provides fair wages, healthy working conditions, and encourages companies to protect workers and our environment."

Now that's a brand I can get behind!

If you're interested in checking out Thrive, be sure to visit their website here. And as a special gift to all of my readers, Jess has kindly offered *15% off your purchase with the code SETSAIL that, get this, can be used an unlimited number of times until December 31st! And if you're wondering about shipping, they do offer $6 flat rate shipping per item and free shipping on orders over $200.

Want to shop my favourites? Check out the Cassiopeia Dress, Art Jacket, and Pleather Box Top!

Happy shopping!

xx -b.
*discount excludes consignment brands
-photo taken by billie woods-

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Winter Ready

In last weeks post I mentioned that because of technical difficulties I've been working on relaunching my YouTube channel…well the day has come, my first video is finally up! It took a lot of effort to get the footage for this and I'll admit, it's a work in progress. So excuse the shaky footage, it was literally minus degrees outside and more poor guy was freezing and hungry. I promise to only get better and to try my very best to have a new video up every week!

If you follow my blog I would really appreciate you subscribing to my new channel as I am quite literally starting from zero and would be ever so grateful for your support!

You can view my new video here and please feel free to send any suggestions or (constructive) criticism my way.

xx -b.

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There has been an abundance of reviews, looks, and general makeup talk going on here for a while now, and while I love talking about that stuff I figured today would be a good day to have a good ol' lifestyle post. Because sometimes you just wanna know what's going on behind the scenes…

So what has been going on Brittany?

Well, on a typical day, amongst my general blog posting (and my day job at the bakery three days a week), I've been continuing to contribute a couple times a month to Fashion Magazines Beauty Panel as well as designing (a lot of) custom blog designs for fellow bloggers and  then, most exciting of all, I've working on a new YouTube channel!

But Brittany, don't you already have a YouTube channel?

It's true, I do, but I royally screwed up the setup of my page which has really be frustrating me lately. When I do things I want to do them right and to my full potential. This new channel is a fresh start for me and I can honestly say I won't be uploading anything that I'm not entirely proud of. Yesterday I headed out to the cute little community of Kensington to film with Steven. It was an epic fail as we missed the sun and ended up wasting nearly three hours in the car during rush hour. All I can say is, I'm so happy to have someone willing to help me out on this. We're going for round two today. As for the rest of the week I'm sure I'll be pulling my hair out editing while I hopelessly try to teach myself how to use Premiere…so if any of you have tips or links you can think of, please send them my way!

If you want to subscribe to my new channel, you can try to here, but I've heard (and seen) that I am missing the "subscribe" button…though some people have seemed to find a way around this. Anyway, the only conclusion we've drawn is that it won't appear until I have my first video up, so I won't fret about that now.

Have a design inquiry for me? I would be more than happy to help you out! I love working with other bloggers and creating pages for them that reflect their own personal style. Check out my shop for rates and please feel free to send me any questions you may have.

So, what have you been up to lately? Anyone have their Christmas shopping done yet!?

xx -b.

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