Nuxe Oil

As you are probably well aware, I am obsessed with multi-use products, and when it comes to the Huile Prodigieuse, Nuxe has got it down pat.

I've wanted to try this dry oil for a long time now, but was always put off by the price. It's actually not that expensive for a skincare/multi-use product, but when it comes to trying something new I really like to find a deal where I can. 

When I saw that Feel Unique was offering 1/3 off pharmacy I knew my chance had arrived. So, with the price conversion I paid $20.50 for the 50ml bottle and they sell it here at our local Shoppers Drug Mart for $26.  Of course I also had to stock up on my favourite Reve de Miel lip balm which I had conveniently just run out of. If you're interested, I know that the Feel Unique offer is still good until the 31st!

Anyway, let's get down to the details...

The Huile Prodigieuse is a dry oil for your face, body, and hair...and I do use it on all of those places! It's made up of a "unique cocktail" of 6 plant oils (borage, St Johnswort, sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut, macadamia) and smells like a day at the beach. Seriously, this stuff is heaven.

What's more is that it is suitable for all skin types (yay!) and provides you with smooth skin and silky hair. A little really does go a long way here. I like to give myself a good rub down post bath and use the excess that's left on my hands to smooth down my hair.

Looking for more ways to use this little wonder product? Mix a drop in your foundation and watch it glide on without clinging, or put a few drops in your bath for a luxurious moment.

What more can I say? I love this product! It's so pleasant to use and makes me smell equally as nice throughout the day.

Have you tried Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse?

xx -b.

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M is for Melissa

Now and then I come across a blog that I feel I need to share with the rest of my readers...after all, Life, Set Sail isn't just about tooting my own horn, but sharing the love to support other bloggers as well. I have a special place in my heart for bloggers who do their job well, especially if they're new or have a smaller following because that gives me the opportunity to use my own blog as a form of support.

Meet Melissa from M is for Melissa, a 24 year old Southern girl turned New Yorker. Name sound familiar? You may have noticed that she's my featured advertiser of the month and can find links to her blog located under each post as well as at the top of my sidebar.

Aside from having a slight weakness for a good eye palette (are we not all guilty of this?), Melissa has a real passion for the blogging community. Her blog, M is for Melissa, was born out of desperate need for a creative outlet while she was working in the finance industry. 

She has since then now moved into the fashion industry, but her blog has lived on as her favourite hobby. With her passion for writing beauty and the occasional lifestyle piece, Melissa pursues developing her skills in the aspects of photography, introducing more lifestyle into her blog, and interacting with as many readers and bloggers as possible.

Sounds like this girls got her priorities in check!

If you're new to Melissa's blog, I suggest checking out my favourite posts - But I'm Not a Lip Gloss Girl and the Neutral Palette Series.

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xx -b.

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After a jolting 24 hour hour trip to Toronto, I am happy to say I'm home! As soon as I hit publish on this post I fully intend to crawl right into bed for what promises to be the worlds most epic spoon session. Too much info?

I know I haven't spoken too much about the Clairol event I attended...in all fairness it was today so I'll be a whole day late in catching you up on what went down! If you caught my last post you'll already know that my SD card hates me (or my laptop more likely) and I have been unable to post any of photos of our trip yet.

I'll leave you with this...I'm a ginger people, I'M A GINGER.

xx -b.

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Dea Leaves

Well, we're here! After a 5am wake up call and a four hour flight, Ashely and I have finally arrived three provinces away in Toronto. You may be excited for our epic weekend adventure, but let me tell you...it's not what you think.

We're exhausted, I don't even know how, and currently spending a night in watching chick flicks and eating chocolate from the gift shop downstairs. Hello worlds most boring bloggers. Goodbye fantasy shopping day.

So where are the pics? Well, let me tell you...I tried. My SD card has decided to take the weekend off and refuse to work, and I've literally spent all evening trying to figure it out. It's just not gonna happen. So while I can't visually share my experiences with you right now, I promise that I will be taking photos and sharing them with you very soon.

Tomorrow we're going to the Clairol Shift A Shade event where we will be getting our hair coloured for the Fall and then we're headed straight back to the airport and on our way home! I'm not looking forward to getting back on a plane so soon, but I am looking forward to getting back home to my man and enjoying a marathon of The Killing which we have been literally obsessed with lately (thanks Holly).

And now, I'll give myself a big pat on the back for pulling through and posting today. Eighteen days of Blogtober and not one post missed!

How's everyone else doing?

xx -b.

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