Hair Care

A few tips I've picked up through the years while learning how to manage my hair...

1. Don't wash your hair everyday
2. Let your hair air dry whenever possible
3. Use a heat protector
4. For volume, apply a thickening mousse before blowdrying
5. Learning how to round brush your hair properly will change your life
6. Keep baby hairs at bay by using a disposable mascara wand and a bit of gel or pomade
7. You can tease your hair without looking like one of the Real Housewives
8. Spritz salt water spray after curling your hair followed by a diffuser for a perfectly imperfect look
9. Get regular trims to keep your ends looking healthy
10. Say no to bleach if it doesn't work for you, learn when to say enough is enough

Do you have any hair care advice to pass down? Let me know in the comments below!

xx -b.

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July Faves

I've got to say, it hurts my soul a little bit that July is nearly over. It's my favourite month of the year, not only because it's my Birthday month but because the weather always seems to be exceptionally fantastic in July. I only hope that August doesn't let me down!

This past month was host to a few favourites in beauty...very few, but great ones to say the least.

Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in the cult classic Boy has been on my wish list for oh probably the past year. I just could never bring myself to spend that much on a lipstick. Though, with a little help from my friends (and my Birthday) I got to purchase my very first piece of Chanel guilt free! I love this everyday colour for finishing off looks ranging from the "no makeup look" to full on Kim Kardashian. Okay, I lied. I will never in my life wear that much makeup. I only mention Kim because I have recently become a wee bit obsessed with her new app for the iPhone. Anyone else?

Next up is the newly released Make Up For Ever mascara *Aqua Smokey Extravagant for Summer. Guys, as someone who literally never wears waterproof mascara, this one has completely won me over! The unique shape of the bristles makes application a breeze, picking up even the tiniest hairs. It's safe to say that my Clinique mascaras have got a healthy competition now. And, for those of you who don't "do" waterproof, fear not...they have a classic formula as well!

Is there anything better than a new Essie shade? Sometimes I think not. Something about Essie just has me hooked, line and sinker. If their adorable packaging hasn't got your attention, surely their endless array of beautiful colour palettes will have you swooning for more. My favourites for Summer are Meet Me At Sunset and Splash of Grenadine.

It wouldn't be my Birthday without mentioning my ridiculous obsession with Rifle Paper Co. cards. I am a bit crazy when it comes to these beautiful illustrations. As someone who doesn't typically keep (or buy) cards, for Rifle Paper Co. I make an exception. I don't care if they are $6 a piece, they're gorgeous! If someone gives me one of these cards, you can bet I'm going to hold onto it...I'm even thinking of framing some of them I love them so much. So there you go, I'm a nerd.

What have you been loving this July? If you've done a monthly favourites post this month, feel free to link it below!

xx -b.

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I have a confession to make...I love young adult books. Specifically ones of the fantastical nature. Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries, you name it, I'm hooked. And you know what? I'm not even ashamed. 

Lately I have been devouring the Sookie Stackhouse novels on my Kindle. And I do mean, devouring. I'm on the eighth book of thirteen and I think I've been reading for two and a half weeks now. I seem to average a book every two to three days. I seriously, can't get enough. I'm only sad that, at this rate, it will allnbe over very soon and I'll have to try to find another series to fall in love with.

So please, if you have any suggestions as to what I should read next, send your suggestions my way! I still have five books to go, but at the rate I'm going I'll be done by the end of August.


xx -b.

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Macaron Tart

July's not over yet and since it's my Birthday month, I wanted to share in the celebration by giving back to you, my lovely readers! A couple weeks ago I announced 50% off all ad packages during the month of July (see bottom of post) and this week I'm sending a little extra love your way with a brand new giveaway...

One lucky winner will win a one of a kind pre-made blog design of their choice from my shop, Pearl & Anchor!

I've been working hard on updating my designs so if you see something you love be sure to enter the giveaway, and if not...do it anyway! More designs will be added to the shop on a weekly basis.

This last month I've been lucky enough to work with some truly amazing bloggers, creating custom designs to suit each individual in their own unique way. My favourite so far is the complete blog makeover I did on Porcelain Shree. Shree is a fellow Lifestyle and Beauty Blogger and was an absolute gem to work with. If you haven't checked out her blog already, you definitely should because this girl's worth the read! And, if you didn't hear the exciting news before, I did a custom design for Fleur of Fleur de Force as well!

I truly love creating one of a kind designs for fellow bloggers as I believe that each blog should be a reflection of the unique bloggers they're written by. When you purchase one of my pre-made or custom designs you can be rest assured that each design is only ever sold once, no repeats!

So, if you are in need of a little blog revamp, enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below! My only requirement is that you use the Blogger platform as well as follow me on Bloglovin'. Contest is open internationally and the winner will be drawn in three weeks time, on August 16th.

Good luck!

xx -b.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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FOTD ft. Chanel

As much as I love (and I do mean love) makeup, I'm generally not very adventurous in my daily routine. I tend to gravitate more towards products that assist in perfecting what I already have and if I'm feeling extra adventurous I'll add either a smokey bronze shadow, bright lip, or winged liner. But, as I do get ready at 6am when I work my part-time job, I am less inclined to go crazy. Full makeup at a 7am shift just looks weird and feels awful!

So while today's "Face of the Day" isn't particularly exciting, I wanted to share with you the products I've fallen in love with that help me do what I need to do in a fast and flawless way! Maybe you already use some of these, maybe not...the point is to draw some attention to some brands that are doing one heck of a job ;)

Products Used:

Origins Plantscription Concealer in Light
NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Terre Neuve
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat
Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagant Mascara
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara
Clinique Superfine Brow Pencil in Soft Brown
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy

My favourite part about a look like this is topping it off with a nice "my lips but better" shade. Aside from Chanel's Boy (which is pure luxury and completely unnecessary), I also enjoy MAC's Patisserie and Clarins Lip Perfector in any shade. The use of Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara is also a must have for me as it creates baby doll like lashes that really make your eyes pop even without eyeshadow.

So there it is! What are your favourite products to use for your "daily face"?

xx -b.

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