Today I want to do something a little different for The Sunday Edit, instead of giving you a detailed report as to what I'm up to today I'm going to be sharing some things that I've been loving this past week...

1. Holly's blog - a fellow Canadian hailing from Vancouver, BC, Bloomin' Rouge has quickly made it to my favourites list. Not only is Holly's blog beautiful, but she's one funny girl! An easy read and healthy dose of inspiration, I already see myself becoming a long time reader.

2. Aritzia's Fall collection - I may or may not have just placed an order, taking full advantage of their free shipping on any purchase until midnight tonight. I'm particularly fond of all of TNA's comfy looking waffle-knit tops.

3. Katy Perry's new song - This Is How We Do has got to be one of the catchiest songs I've heard lately and after going to her concert on Friday, I find myself listening to it on repeat...want to hear all about how I got to meet Katy? Stay tuned, they'll be a post this week!

4. Lancôme's latest release - You may have seen my review on the Grandiôse mascara last week, but I can't help but mention it again...I love this stuff! Check out my video to see how to use the unique swan shaped wand!

5. A Day In Heels - I find this video particularly interesting with fashion week coming up...just goes to show that even the most stylish of us need to pack a pair of flats in our bags. Speaking of which, I'm still recovering from my Friday night high heel trauma with matching welts on the bottom of both my feet...hey, anything for fashion right?

xx -b.

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Ombre Lip

Exciting news, I'm now a contributor for Fashion Magazines Beauty Panel! This weeks challenge was sharing your favourite way to rock the ombre look (whether it be hair, nails, etc.), so I'm showing you how to achieve a subtle ombre lip in a few easy steps!

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Beauty Panel to read the full post!

xx -b.

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Recently Added

Over the last week or so I've unintentionally accumulated a few new items to add to my beauty stash...it happens.

My ever growing obsession with Essie is one that I'm sure will last a lifetime, so I took advantage of the sale at Superstore and picked up two shades that I've had my eye one for a while. Yes, they look very similar in the photo above, but I swear they're different! Cocktail Bling is beautiful pale grey with a bit of lilac while Master Plan is a lot more taupe in colour (though is still a soft grey...what can I say, I like grey). I actually picked up Master Plan thinking it could be a replacement for my beloved Sand Tropez. It's not in any sense, but is still beautiful in it's own rights.

Urban Decay's 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner is by far the best I've tried. Though felt tip liners may be a lot easier to apply to some, I feel like mine always dry out far too quickly and would much rather go the liquid route as I feel felt pens just aren't worth it to me. This liner by Urban Decay has a very fine brush and a long handle which I feel makes it a lot easier to manage than most liquid liners. I already have the shade Smog which is an absolutely gorgeous shimmery dark bronze colour, and I love it! It's so easy to work with and always produces the finest lines. So when I ran out of black liner options I decided to go back to Sephora for my favourite formula in Perversion (it's black people, just call it black). 
I may not like Fall/Winter all that much, but it does mean one thing and that is makeup, makeup, makeup. I'm looking forward to rocking my Audrey/Bardot cat-flick on a daily basis ;)

When I came back from Spain I found that my favourite lipgloss was missing in action and I'm not going to over-exaggerate by saying that it hurt my heart when I found out. Luckily it was already on it's way out, but I still missed it...needed it even! Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector's (longest name ever) are the bomb dot com. They smell like cotton candy, go on without a mirror, and make your lips look oh so plump and...well, perfected! So last weekend I booked it to the Clarins counter at The Bay and nabbed myself a new one, this time going for 02 (the Apricot one). I think I make have liked my last shade a smidgen better (01, Rose Shimmer). But the amount of colour this things produce is so minimal you can barely tell the difference. All I can say is that it's good to have that thing back in my life! Whew.

Remember when I talked about boobs last week in this post? Well I went back and got the same bra in black (not pictured) and I'm so glad I did. Seriously, comfiest thing ever!

Can we just take a moment here to appreciate the glory that is Blake Lively? Seriously, the woman is an inspiration! I wish I could walk a day in her shoes just once to see what her life is like. Speaking of magazines, I literally never buy them. Maybe sometimes when I travel I'll pick something up, but I couldn't resist when I saw the cover of Marie Claire for September. It's their 20th Anniversary issue and seems extra thick...though I was shocked to see that the first 55, FIFTY-FIVE, pages were all advertisements. Next time I'll save the paper and just read it online.

Have you picked up any extra little bits lately? I'd love to hear what you've been collecting!

xx -b.

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Grandiose 1 Grandiose 2 LL

Quite possibly the most interesting of recent launches is the *Lancôme Grandiôse Mascara. Just look at it! In all my years of makeup obsession I would have to say that Lancôme definitely has the most innovative designs, hands down, and the Grandiôse mascara is no exception.

With it's unique swan like wand, this mascara has no problem reaching every lash from root to tip. It may look a little daunting, but you've just gotta know how to work it right! I've made a short video to show you how it works which you can view below.

As you can see it's really not that difficult to use, though it does take some getting used to (especially on the alternate eye).

I love that the mascara is super black, packing some major drama! With a formula that claims to last 24 hours (I'm sorry, there's no way I'm trying that one out), you can be rest assured that your mascara isn't going anywhere. It holds curl very nicely as well and doesn't flake away, yay! And here's the kicker, it's easily removable with warm water...swoon.

When I first tried it (I didn't read the instructions), I absolutely hated it. But, after giving it a real chance (and reading the instructions) I came away very happy! I've been using this mascara everyday for the past week or so and it really is a beautiful product, and I'm not just talking about that gorgeous packing!

Have you tried Lancôme's newest mascara? What do you think!?

xx -b.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes 
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